Aiden’s Light Memorial Fund

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“The Light Shines In The Darkness

and The Darkness Has Not Overcome It.”        -John 1:5


Our Vision For Aiden’s Light Memorial Fund

Our mission to provide soccer balls to missionaries who use the game of soccer to reach children and communities for Christ. It is our way of  brightening the live of the most unfortunate while assisting in showing the the love and hope of Christ through our missionary partners.

Last year Aiden’s Light soccer balls were sent to 3 different CONTINENTS and 13 countries around the world!  Some will simply be toys for children who have none, others will be used as a tool to attract young boys off the street and out of the grasp of militia that will recruit them for violence. Aiden’s Light soccer balls are being used to help others save lives. Please consider being a regular donor so we can keep this vision and amazing contribution going.


Read this blog as a way to know you are not alone in your journey and not crazy in your feelings.

Please know that your gift is going to a great cause that will bring Christ’s love to a child while allowing Aiden’s precious light to continue shining through their life as well.       ⚽️With Love & Appreciation,

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