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In the first days after, those of you who have been there probably know, you’ve got all you can to do to keep breathing and I don’t mean that in jest.

It takes work to breathe.

Sometimes you can’t leave the couch and other times you can’t sit still. I needed scriptures. I needed them to focus on, I needed them to sleep, I needed them the moment I woke up to direct my thoughts away from where they inevitably were going. I needed them to anchor me to earth. I clung to certain books and scriptures for weeks. I still do, actually. When I would feel the pain begin to well up, I would grab one of these books or my phone and open to the scriptures that my life-lines (my girlfriends), were sending me. I say them over and over and over.

Below the references I have recommended are my favorite scriptures and prayers. If you are grieving or you have a friend or loved one who is, you must get the “You Version” bible app. Thanks to Craig Groeschel and Life Church, it’s free and its awesome. My friends and I made all but one of these beautiful scripture squares right on the app and you can “share” them. Take it from me, these will bless someone in a huge way. Send them often to the person grieving. You don’t have to create one of these squares every time, but send them encouraging scriptures every day, for a long time. They will need them more and more as this process proceeds. What they are experiencing is un-imaginable. A Pain that is unique & inconceivable.

Early on it is impossible to concentrate on anything for very long or at all. That is why I love these first two publications. They are easy to read, encouraging and may reflect most what you are feeling and that in itself brings comfort-that someone could even remotely articulate what “this” feels like.

1. Gone But Not Lost– by David W. Wiersbe

2. When Tears Remain– by Luke Veldt & Jeff Olson

3. Grieving With Hope– by Samuel J. Hodges IV & Kathy Leonard

4. Book of Hope Daily Devotional– by Nancy Guthrie

5. Through The Eyes Of A Lion- Facing impossible Pain, Finding Incredible Power– By Levi Lusko


I do not recommend social media for a recently bereaved parent. It is brutal. WHEN you are ready to see other’s  lives, children and happiness in your face and have Facebook send you your “memories” without your asking and which will include photos of your child, please consider joining these support groups for grieving parents;

Held;Compassionate Grief Support -This is a closed group. Whatever you post is private. The women are wonderful and supportive and hurting like we are.

A Bed For My Heart– This is not a closed group, I don’t believe. You just “like” them and will get their posts on your newsfeed including photos, inspirational quotes and wonderful articles. Just know when you respond or post, your friends will see it.

While We’re Waiting– This is a Christian, non-closed group you simply need to “like”. It is associated with a grief support organization which holds faith based retreats for Bereaved Parents. Someday I would love to go to one of these.



Surrendering your grief to God is an essential step in the grieving process.

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Prayer For Perseverance. For bereaved parents, the ability to persevere for a lifetime is undeniable.


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