The Prize Fighter

endurance for grief, child loss, surviving after loss of a child

THE PRIZE FIGHTER I have the unfortunate privilege of being a part of an on-line community of hundreds of amazing and brave bereaved mothers who seek the comfort and understanding of other women who are trying to survive the loss of their child. They seek this comfort largely because there is acknowledgement and understanding. People who “get it” 24/7. There are many common threads in the conversations including the frustration and pain of people trying to push a silver lining into your child’s loss (“But think of all the memories you have!”), being misunderstood because many think there is an end-point in the grief of child-loss, wishing the ones they love could understand what … Continue reading

“She Speaks”

My new creed for life, “Believing against the grain”, includes “I believe God has work for me to do”. Even believing the tenants of that creed can be impossible some days but something amazing happened this week and I’ve experienced a tiny glimpse of what that may look like and I’m so excited about it! Just typing those words “I’m so excited” seems strange. Wonderful strange, when I never dreamed I would be able to feel anything remotely resembling excitement at this point. Mary told me a couple months ago about the “She Speaks” conference happening in July. It is a … Continue reading

Gratefulness in Sorrow

I think often, almost daily, about what people have done for us- the kindness and love that was extended to us from so many people. Even in the first days, which are so hard to even think about right now, I remember feeling warmth and gratitude. What a welcomed feeling. An unimaginable feeling for the time, really. It makes me think of people who may have had to do this without that kind of support and I hurt for them. I can’t imagine it. These people, some close friends, some barely acquaintances may have no idea the impact their gestures … Continue reading