Aiden’s Light Memorial Fund Update

Aiden's Light Memorial Fund, Charity Ball, Soccer charity, John 1:5, The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it,

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.   -John 1:5

There is little comfort to be had in the weeks surrounding the death of your child. It is marked for many with heightened anxiety, deeply difficult feelings of loss and pain, and of course, the wondering of “What would they be like now? What would they look like? What would they be doing?”

We don’t just lose our child, we lose everything they would become, everything they would do, every wondrous step along the life-long path from childhood to adulthood.

One comfort that has shone into this season for us has been from knowing Aiden’s beautiful light and life will be shining in the lives of children locally and around the globe thanks to the generous donations from our supporters. It brought such joy to announce on March 9, that we will be making a $1,000 donation to Charity Ball. That donation alone will bring dozens of soccer balls and clean water to children in destitute areas around the globe, not to mention the generous donations that have continued to come in through our campaign on in honor of Aiden. 

Aiden's Light memorial Fund, Soccer charity, Child loss memorial fund,

We are continuing to try to find a local soccer club to partner with to offer scholarships for underprivileged boys and girls who would like to play club soccer, but can’t. It was disappointing for us, after many attempts, not to receive communication back from the club we wanted to partner with. We are certain, however, that God has the perfect place for Aiden’s Light scholarship money to go!


Aiden's Light Memorial Fund, Retreat for bereaved parents, Child loss, Bearing the unbearable together, Bereaved parents, grieving the loss of your child,

Our dream of a mountain retreat for bereaved parents, “Aiden’s Place” continues to grow in our hearts. It will take substantial donations and planning, but we know this is so much more than just a vision- it’s a NEED and we are faithful that it will be realized in the coming months and years.  Grieving parents struggle with loneliness, depression and illness from having to live with the trauma of child-loss. We want Aiden’s Place to be a safe, healing environment within the peace and beauty of nature, where we can come together with the very few who understand living life without one of our children.


We need the prayers and donations of a faithful many, for the visions of Aiden’s Light to become reality so please consider donating and share this post and our links!


For donations to our general fund that will be distributed for soccer scholarships and towards Aiden’s Place Retreat For Bereaved Parents, please visit

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We are in need of corporate sponsors, private sponsors and even occasional sponsors! If you own a business and would like to give to this very special cause, please email us at

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