Making Room

making room

I don’t know if any other bereaved Moms can relate to this emotion or not. For weeks and weeks it bothered me that Aiden’s locker at school was sitting there with his personal belongings in it. The thought of that was very disruptive to me-that his things were scattered about and not right here with me. I needed his things with me. I hated that some friend or kid at school could possibly go in there and take something or in any way disrupt his “space” there at school. It really weighed on me and frequently interrupted my thoughts. The problem was … Continue reading


I decided to take us off the schedule for 2 WHOLE days while N was away in NY so we could get a change of scenery and spend some time together. Jill recommended a great area in the western part of the state because of the hiking trails and the cute little towns. So we headed out-of-town Tuesday morning with no hotel booked-just decided to check a couple of towns and places out in-person. I was really looking forward to going away-something different, something away from here and away from the daily grind that grinds so much worse now. We have not spent … Continue reading